He knew exactly where to find me.  He knew that every Tuesday I saw clients at my private office in a small building east of Seattle.

He knew that he had the private security code to the back door and could slip in without being seen, taking the service elevator to my floor.

He knew that if he sat in the low, cream colored chair facing the east that eventually I would see him through the window of my office door.

And that is exactly what David did.

I was with a client of course, but as was a habit for me, I always sat in the chair facing the door.

I’d seen the figure of a man brush by the door quickly, and could only tell that it wasn’t Eric, the UPS guy.  Aside from clients and my part time receptionist, he was the only person I saw on a regular basis.

No.  The man who’d walked past my door wore slacks and a dark shirt.  He sat in the chair facing the east, and it took a moment for my brain to register what I was seeing… David.

He smiled knowingly and I felt my face blush, looking nervously back to my client, babbling away across from me, oblivious to what was happening.

I glanced at the clock.  Ten till.  Ten minutes until I would close this counseling session, confirm the next appointment, and then usher him out the door.

David was a rare weakness of mine.  I willingly turned into a submissive  pet at his will.  It terrified me, but no more than it thrilled me.

It’s impossible to explain what that experience is like, how natural it is, how comfortable it is to have a man in your life who you can forfeit all control to.

He had my body wired to his desires and I loved it… still do.

With David, I could feel desire filling every inch of my flesh, as if he poured it into me.  It was impossible to deny and even more impossible to escape.  Once he set his eyes on me, my body slipped easily out of my control, and desire ruled my being.

I could feel him on the other side of the door.  I knew what he wanted.  I knew exactly why he’d come to my office.

He wanted me.  Immediately.

It’s as if his lust seeped under the door, slid across the floor and entered my toes, rose past my ankles, swirled around my knees, slipped between my thighs, and penetrated me right there.  I felt myself suck in a slow, strong breath and hoped the client didn’t notice that in that instant my pussy was set on fire.

I held my breath, pulling my thighs together, willing my mind to control the ache that now resided there.  I could see David chuckle to himself.  He knew that I was coming undone.  And he loved the power.

I tried hard to keep my eyes on the client’s face, but still, I saw David when he stood and casually strode across the waiting room, glancing at the art along the walls, fingering the soft petals of the potted flowers on the coffee table.

He moved closer slowly, until he was right outside the door, leaning casually on the wall just outside the door jam.  He glanced in the room, looking around, and then his eyes fell on me.  The heat between my thighs intensified a bit, and I felt myself squirm slightly in my chair.  He was giving me that look… the finish-that-shit-up look.

I focused on the tiny part of myself that was irked by his presence.  After all, I was at work, obviously.  I had a client with me, which he knew would be the case- and he was distracting me in the worst way… on purpose.

The minutes dragged on and felt like hours.  Until finally I steered the session to a close.  David pulled away from the door out of sight, just as the client stood and turned towards it.  I followed, reaching around him to open it, confirming the next week’s session.  The client left, never seeing the stranger in the corner.

I exhaled, feeling like I’d dodged a bullet, and glared at David.  He smiled his easy smile, following me back into my office, and closing the door behind him.  He pulled the shade and flipped the lock.

I folded my arms across my chest as he turned towards me.

“Hi mami,” he said in his deep chocolate voice, his eyes staring right into mine.

I felt a tingle at the base of my spine.

“You can’t do that,” I said, trying hard to be annoyed.

“Do what?”

“Barge in on me when I’m with a client.”

“Barge?  Did I?  I thought I waited patiently in the waiting room until you’d finished?” he said.

“You know what I mean.  My clients count on their anonymity.  They don’t ever actually see anyone else up here except the receptionist.”

“Ahhh but he didn’t see me,” David said, a hint of self satisfaction in his voice.

“But he could have.”

“But he didn’t.”

I sighed, knowing I had no argument to win.

I sat in my usual chair.  “So what are you doing here?  Did you come to ask me to lunch?”  I knew that wasn’t the case.

He sat across from me, heaving a dramatic sigh.  “I don’t know Doc.  I think I need my own counseling session.”

“I think you’re fine.”

“You see there’s this woman… this woman who tastes and feels so damn good… I don’t know what to do with myself sometimes.”

I rolled my eyes.  “Oh please.”

He went on, ignoring me.  “There’s a connection I have with her… sometimes it scares the shit out of me.  The sexual chemistry is so strong, the trust so deep.  She gives herself to me completely, effortlessly.  I know that I can have my way with her, pretty much whenever I want it.  Is that normal Doc?”

“There is no such thing as normal,” I said without even thinking.

“Like right now,” he said, ignoring me again.  His eyes locked on mine, and his voice changed.  “Right now, I want her to get up and come sit on my lap.” He patted it with one hand for emphasis.

I sighed again as I stood, then walked to him.  His hands immediately went to my legs, his fingers pulling up and down lightly.  They moved above my knees, dipping under the hem of my skirt, tracing invisible designs on my thighs.

“David,” I whispered.

“Shhhh mami,” he said.  “Show papi what’s under that blouse.”

I followed his direction without a thought, opening each button to reveal a pale lavender lace bra.

“Mmmm,” he said as his hands slid higher under my skirt, skimming the matching panties that covered my sex.

I held my breath, and he smiled to himself, fully aware of what he was doing.  He slid his hands higher, gripped the fabric and pulled them down from under the skirt, below my knees, letting them drop to the floor.  I stepped out of them quickly as he tugged my blouse down and off my arms.  The bra quickly followed.

And then his lips were on my body.  He suckled each breast carefully, his hands roaming free.  I gripped his shoulders to maintain my balance, literally and figuratively.  His hands slipped around my waist, and I felt the zipper to my skirt open and then it dropped to the floor.  I was completely naked in the middle of my office, and I didn’t care.  He pushed the spread of magazines off the coffee table behind me and pulled me down gently, until I sat on its edge.  A solid piece of oak, four and a half feet across, it was sturdy to say the least.

David leaned in and pressed his lips to mine.  My arms wrapped around him on instinct, trying to pull him closer.  He kissed down my neck and chest, sinking to his knees as he went lower.  “Lay back,” he said between kisses.

The cold wood against my back didn’t even bother me.  My whole focus was David.

His hands urged my thighs apart as he kissed down past my navel and his fingers brushed against my swollen pussy for the first time.  I sucked in a sharp breath as his fingers pressed against it again, more firm this time.  I was wet, and aching for the relief only his penetration would bring.

I could feel his breath against the inside of my thighs, and moaned in anticipation.  He slipped two fingers inside of me just as his mouth covered me, and I felt his tongue on my clit.  I lifted both legs, my feet still clad in 4 inch heals, over his shoulders, resting them on his back as he pushed in closer, his face buried between my thighs.  Within minutes I was writhing on the coffee table begging for him to fuck me.

But David was patient.  He enjoyed pushing my body to the edge, testing my limits.  His fingers moved inside of me, his tongue still on me.  And all I could do was get wetter, and wetter.

“Papi,” I gasped.

The word only encouraged him.  His fingers thrust deeper and quicker, enticing me.

I heard him  open his belt and zipper with his free hand, pushing his pants and boxer briefs down to his knees as he pulled his lips away and climbed on top of me.

“Yessss daddy,” I whispered.

“Is this what you want?” he asked, referring to his hardened member.

I bit my lip, blushing, and nodded silently and kissed him- letting him feel my lust.

He kissed me back, his lips filled with passion, and I kicked off my heels, wrapping my legs around his.

“Olivia,” he whispered, taking me into his arms.

His dick penetrated slowly, and we both took in a long, slow breath.  He nuzzled me, his lips on my neck before deliberately taking my hands in his and moving them above my head.    I held them there willingly as he gripped the edge of the table with both hands and pulled his body, pressing higher inside of me.  My pelvis instinctively pushed against him, locking our bodies together, and damning me to his will.

There was no self conscious thought from that point.  It was all about pleasure… pushing the pleasure as far as we could go.  The confines of the small table actually worked quite well.  We had the perfect sized platform on which to play out our private dance.

He pressed into me with long, deliberate strokes in an endless tempo that was simply delicious.  Every few minutes we would pull each other close and whisper our thoughts and desires.  The low rumble of his deep voice right in my ear entranced my entire body, from head to toe.

We slipped effortlessly into a space beyond sex, beyond making love.  It was warm, sweet, and full of bliss.

10 minutes passed.  Then 20.  Another 20 minutes floated by and our lips played together in an endless kiss.

His firm, long strokes quickened.  His tongue on mine, hands on my body, dick burrowed deep inside of me… I was coming undone.

Suddenly my fists flew against his chest, pressing hard against him, an act he knew all to well- nothing more than a reflex.  He took my hands firmly in his and held them above my head as I struggled under him.

He smiled, kissed me gently and stroked harder, deeper, faster.

“Papi…” I whimpered.

“Yes baby,” he kissed me again, “that’s it.  Cum for me Olivia.”

The words were like a bolt of lightening hitting me in the chest.  My back arched sharply, rising off the table.  He let go of my wrists, pulling an arm securely around my waist, drawing our bodies tightly together.

My arms went around his shoulders, and I felt as if I were holding on for dear life.  “Yes!”  I gasped, “oh yes… don’t stop papi, right there… oh god yes…”

It felt as if my whole body shook.  The pleasure was almost inconceivable.  The orgasm rose from deep within, burst outward and nearly drowned me with its uncontrollable waves.

Seconds later, our bodies still rocking hard against each other, I felt his cock swell and grow hard, before I heard that low growl I craved.  His dick throbbed as he exploded inside of me.  He gripped the coffee table so hard I was sure his hand prints would be there when we’d finished.

He kept going until I’d reached the highest peak and then brought me down slowly off the mountain, one heaving breath at a time.

David’s body sunk against mine, and we stayed there, tangled together.

Finally he pulled his head up and looked at me, his eyes glossy.  He kissed me and then chuckled.  “So, does this mean I get to come back for a follow up appointment?”



2 Responses to “Undeniable”

  1. James May 9, 2010 at 4:22 pm #

    Masterfully erotic, playful, and classy with an edge as sharp as a knife. I look forward to reading more.

  2. shay October 21, 2010 at 12:34 pm #

    wow that was great!!!

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