David Inkwell

Though it didn’t happen often, it wasn’t entirely rare for Olivia to receive an after hours emergency page from a client. The screen read simply “2047.” She rose from bed, dressed, fixed her hair, applied subtle makeup, and headed for her car. It was past midnight. She knew she would find the client at her office, having accessed the waiting area through a private secured entrance, using a special access code.

Someone, man or woman, was in crisis. She ran through the prospects in her mind, knowing only a handful of current clients rose to this level of need; not every client was privy to this service. Only those who found themselves out of control and in desperate need, who came to her as a means to avoid more disastrous choices- the former mayor with a penchant for ladies of the night. The closeted district attorney who- under Olivia’s care- recently ended an affair with his wife’s best friend’s husband. The circuit court judge who found it nearly impossible to resist masturbating behind the bench…while hearing cases. The world renowned heart surgeon who nearly killed a patient because she was “sexting” during an operation.

Certainly not all of her clients struggled in the way these few did. As a licensed Intimacy Therapist, most people who came to see Olivia Courting simply wanted to improve their physical relationship with their partner, or to process through a trauma that prevented intimacy, or learn new techniques to try with a significant other. Still, some needed more support than others.

She would access the office from a different entrance than the client, one that would put her directly inside her locked office, with the client waiting in the lobby.

Olivia flipped on the lights of the windowless room, hung up her jacket and adjusted the heat. She turned on the sound system and quiet classical notes teased the air. She pulled the glass pitcher of water from the fridge and filled two glasses, carrying them past her desk to the more comfortable sitting area, then returned to the kitchen and started a pot of coffee. She could have turned on the security monitors, but felt there was no need. Finally she moved to the door, turned the deadbolt and stepped into the waiting area. Within seconds, she felt her world turn upside down.

He stood quickly and faced her when he heard the office door open.


Olivia froze in the doorway, her breath caught in her throat. After a heartbeat, she swallowed, her eyes turned cold.

She wore a pale grey silk pantsuit, her dark suede heels defying her petite frame. Her hair was pulled into a bun, delicate pearls hung from her ears. His eyes soaked up the sight of her caramel skin and perfectly shaped eyes. Her lips, pale pink, were set in a stern line. David thought she was stunning. Pissed. But stunning.

They hadn’t seen each other for nearly five months.

Five months since that day. Since the phone call she’s received. Five months since the end of their three year relationship. Five months since she’d dedicated herself to severing his overwhelmingly powerful hold on her.

He opened his mouth to speak, but she stopped him, raising her hand. “You shouldn’t be here.”

They eyed each other carefully. He maintained a respectable distance, and then some.

It felt as if the room around them suddenly dried up, like a desert sun screamed down at them- one wrong move and it would go up in flames. One wrong word and this tinderbox would explode into an inferno.

For her part, Olivia was silently kicking herself. Of course she’d given David the damn code, and of course she’d never changed it after that day. What was that about? She screamed silently at herself for her now-obvious weakness.

David was… an anomaly… and not to be trusted. Of course, he would never physically harm her, but Olivia knew he was still a threat to her. It was ironic, she’d told herself many times after that day, what a strong hold he had on her, of all people. The woman who counseled people on their intimacy issues, their sexual dependencies… had one of her own: David.

And he was just… standing there. In a white, buttoned down shirt and dark slacks, his hands in his pockets.

“You shouldn’t be here,” she said again. What else could she say? She could barely put two thoughts together. Her knees were weak, her heart pounding in her ears. This isn’t happening.

His voice was everything she remembered, deep and rough around the edges. “I needed to see you.”

She scoffed quietly, but said nothing. She’d never told anyone about David, save her own therapist; not her closest friends, not even her sister. She wasn’t interested in having the relationship picked apart or judged. No one would have understood, and they certainly wouldn’t have understood how it ended. Lovers were available to Olivia, all she had to do was signal which of them should step forward. But it had been over 6 years since any lover had been able to do what David did. He had unlocked her mind. That part of herself reserved for the most powerful of relationships. She could count on one hand how many men (or women) had accessed that part of her. David was one of them. As such, she was hopelessly vulnerable to him. Of course, she hated to admit that now. Just thinking of it scalded her with fury.

Olivia had tried for some time to resist her feelings for David, and to resist the overwhelming power of their sexual obsession with each other. David was the rarest of lovers: dedicated, attentive, irresistible. His words alone could make her come undone. His touch changed her chemistry and filled her with desires that could only be satisfied by his penetration. They were addicted to each other, to the physical pleasure and sexual fulfillment, she was certain. She was aware of it early on, and tried over the years to break the spell…but never did…never could. She was void of self-control when it came to him. It exhilarated her as much as it terrified her.

His power seemed almost…inherent. It wasn’t the kind of power she could ever take away from him, nor could she protect herself from it. She had accepted that it was intended to be that way, and though it made her feel like a fish out of water, she had come to embrace it with every inch of her body; David was meant to have the power to control her, and she was meant to submit to it and, vice versa; delightfully, this was a road that went both ways. David had experienced many firsts with Olivia, emotionally and physically. He revealed his deepest sexual desires only to her, and she filled them as only she could. They constantly explored, developed and satisfied their rawest urges, curiosities, and desires with each other, and as such, over time each had become something of a trigger for the other. Hearing each other’s’ voices, reading emails sent by the other, standing too close as they washed the dishes after dinner, the simplest acts brought about unavoidable arousal. They didn’t even have to try to seduce one another, and when they did try, well, all bets were off.

Olivia questioned many times, rhetorically of course because there was no answer, why they’d ever crossed each other’s paths. She could never figure out what the future held for them, where it would all go.

And then came that day… the day the answer was provided for her.

In every way that mattered, David had led a double life for the time he was with Olivia. There was someone else- another woman.

Olivia could never figure out how it was she’d failed to catch on to that fact. How could she not have known? Her ego, as well as her confidence, had taken hits; how could she of all people, the woman who specialized in intimate relationships, not see what was going on right in front of her face? It didn’t matter. He’d confessed the truth to her, and with it, declared their relationship over. Just like that. Out of the blue, and as if that weren’t painful enough, he did it over the phone. It was so cliché it made her feel pathetic. Sometimes she wondered if she’d chosen to not see what, in hindsight, was glaringly apparent.

For weeks, thoughts of his revelation consumed her mind. What consumed her body however, can’t be described as anything other than withdrawal. The feeling was empty and devastating.

“Olivia,” he said softly, snapping her back to the present. He was moving towards her now, his six foot two frame growing before her eyes, his razor shaved head gleaming in the light, honey skin familiar and warm. They were inches from each other.  She averted her eyes from his magnetic gaze.

“May I come in?”

At that moment, she wanted him to disappear. She wanted the ground to open up and she wanted to watch him drop through it.

Olivia and David had forever made themselves vulnerable to each other. They had crossed every line and boundary and shattered every safe comfort zone when together. Each knew the power the other had. It was more likely that the ground would crack open and swallow David whole, than for Olivia to deny him practically anything, no matter what her better judgment told her.

But she wouldn’t go down without a fight, and beyond her judgment, she had her pride. Olivia let the door to her office close behind her, leaving them standing alone in the reception area. Her voice was clear and strong when she finally spoke. “It’s late. I assume you called me here because you have something to say. Say it, and then leave. Please.”

David paused, then backed away a few steps.  He chewed the inside of his lip and looked away before rubbing his face and exhaling. He looked at her again, eyes piercing. “I can’t stop thinking about you.” He paused, rubbing his face. “I didn’t know what else to do. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for upsetting you. I should have known better. I did know better. And you’re right. I didn’t care. I was selfish. I wanted to see you.”

“You lied to me,” she said finally, as her eyes found his.

“I did. I wish I had a good reason for it. But nothing I say…”

“Matters,” she finished for him quietly. “The ‘why’ doesn’t matter. It doesn’t change anything.” He nodded again. “Why are you here?”

David took a deep breath. “Because…because I couldn’t not come here. I tried that. And here I am because I don’t want to be without you. And before you say it, yes, I know I should have thought of that five months ago. I did. I can’t change what happened. I thought I could let you go, push you out of my mind. I can’t do either, and I’m done trying.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.”

“I promise you, I couldn’t be more serious. I’m putting all of my cards on the table.”

Olivia felt stymied. Flustered. She couldn’t put her thoughts together. She turned abruptly, opened the door to her office, and went inside. David stepped through the doorway after her.

The space looked even bigger than he remembered. To the right, the sitting area where she’d placed the two glasses of water; a loveseat and two plush chairs around a large, solid oak coffee table…one that held memories for them. To the left, her desk. Deeper into the room, a kitchenette, and beyond that, a large, dark red curtain. On the other side of the curtain, completely out of site, the room was transformed into a fully furnished master bedroom. Rare Japanese art adorned the walls and surfaces, much of which came from her own family’s extensive collection.

She retrieved her jacket from the coat rack and slid it on, tucking her purse under her arm.

David watched as she opened the top drawer of her desk and pulled out her keys. “Olivia?”

“I’m leaving. This conversation is pointless. I have a long day ahead of me tomorrw, and I need to get back home.”

“Well it’s not like anyone is there waiting for you, except the cat, and you can call in late. It’s your company. Please Liv. Let’s talk.”

Olivia said nothing.


She averted her eyes briefly. He knew that meant something.

“What aren’t you telling me?”

“It’s not relevant.”

“Is there…is there someone waiting for you… at home?”

Olivia weighed the potential answers, but then simply answered “yes.”

David mulled her revelation. “Are you in love with him?”

“Her,” Olivia corrected.

“Are you in love with her? And please don’t tell me it’s complicated.”

“It’s not complicated at all. We’ve known each other a very long time. She and I are good for each other right now.”

“It’s serious, then.”

“For what it is, yes, I would say it’s serious.”

“For what it is? What is it?”

Olivia took a deep breath and looked him straight in the eye.  “If you need to categorize it, then yes, we are in a relationship. Not for the sake of sharing a life and a home together forever, but for the healing. We talk, we cry, we laugh, we vent and rage. We make love. Sometimes we fuck each other. ” Olivia stopped. She hadn’t intended to say so much.

“You love her?”

“Yes, I do.”

“I…feel like an idiot.”

Olivia laughed bitterly. “Of course you do. You came here thinking that I’m sad and alone and waiting for you to come back. Heaven forbid I’ve actually moved the fuck on without you in my life. What other miracles must the universe hold?”


“Newsflash for you, David, I’ve long accepted that you are a liar and a fraud and no longer a part of my life. That was your choice, and I’m telling you right now, you don’t get to change your mind. You don’t get me back.”

David spoke. One word. That was all it took. “Mami-“

He saw the fire flash in her eyes as Olivia turned on him. Heard the sharp intake of her breath. She slapped him, the sting was unmistakable. He didn’t care. He knew he deserved it and then some.

Her tone was lethal. “Don’t you dare say another word-“

David just shook his head slowly. “Olivia,” he said calmly, “you know as well as I do, there is no other way.”

Her shoulders trembled slightly, betraying her. Her voice remained steady. “Stop talking, and get out.”

“Do you still love me?”

“Do you think that matters?”

“I love you.”

“Shut up.”

“I’m sorry.” He cleared his throat and did his best to wipe the smile off of his face. She was avoiding his gaze. His fingers grazed her jaw line and skimmed her throat. She could smell his aftershave.

“Olivia, look at me.” His voice was soft, yet uncompromising. “Look at me.” Slowly she turned her head back to him, and their eyes met, their faces close. With each passing second, the marionette strings that controlled her wrapped themselves around his fingers. His hands slid gently around her and under her jacket, his strong fingers pressing through the thin silk blouse and into her skin.

She turned her head away and bit down hard on her lip, her face burning crimson. “Don’t do this,” she whispered, “we can’t do this.”

“I’m going to kiss you now.”

“David,” she began in protest.

“Shhh,” he soothed.

Her objectionable inner voice began to stutter. They stared at each other for a long time. Finally he dipped his head and pressed his lips into hers. It was everything he remembered. Her soft, plump lips against his for the first time in what felt like eternity. His tongue slipped between her lips, inviting hers to play.

Olivia squeezed her eyes shut, as a slow, familiar-yet-long-lost ache took hold between her thighs. Fuck.

“Tell me what to do, Olivia.”

“You are a bastard.”

“Yes. But I’m your bastard. Tell me.” He kissed her again.

She breathed the words: “We… can’t.”

“We can. But you have to tell me what you want from me.”

Finally she said, her voice quivering only slightly, “You…have to make me say it.” In those words, she admitted her hidden truth, what she desired. Her will and restraint, even her pride, crumbled to dust.

Like the curved fangs of a viper, David could feel her words sink into him. Her venom spread inside of him, its effects taking hold of his body and his mind. He nodded to signal that he understood her meaning. Then he kissed her face tenderly as he stripped off her jacket and let it drop to the floor. “Tell me how you want me to do that.”

Olivia’s heart was pounding wildly in her chest. David’s fingers slid lightly up and down her arms. She could feel his breath tickling her skin. “Tell me what you need.”

Her eyes flashed at him and her hand flew up. David grabbed it easily, and then the other, driving her back against the closed door. She met the cold metal with a thud and struggled against him.

“Have it your way,” he growled as his fingers captured her throat and their lips met in a jagged kiss. She struggled to push him off of her, but both knew he was too strong. David leaned his body against hers and kissed her again. She cussed him to high heaven and back down to earth again. This wasn’t for show. She fought against him in true anger, unable to simply surrender.

David matched her resistance with the perfect amount of force, unfazed. Again he grasped both of her wrists and held them tightly in one hand, pushing them over her head and into the door.

They were both breathing hard, both invested in the struggle. David knew what was happening.

The physical altercation was simply a metaphor for the struggle Olivia had inside herself, and the desires she felt were forbidden. To move past that internal blockade, he would have to “force” her past it.

As he held her hands over her head, David carefully unbuttoned her slacks.

“You’re a son of a bitch,” she hissed at him. Olivia yanked and twisted her body, but David was undaunted. He pushed his free hand into her pants and then her panties. His fist pried between her thighs. His fingers slid across her bare, plump sex.

Olivia return to her struggle, hips twisting and knees jabbing at him. David leaned into her again, trapping her legs under his. Just as he drove two fingers into her warm, wet pussy, she wrenched her hands free of him. As her fists drove into his chest, David resorted to the only method of control he knew would work. The fingers of his right hand drove deeper into her cunt as the fingers of his left hand wrapped around her throat, flexing against her pulse. Olivia cried out and whimpered, and David could feel her body tremble. Her hands gripped fistfuls of his shirt and he kissed her, fingers fucking her mercilessly. “Not a single damn day,” he said, “has gone by that I haven’t dreaded breathing without you.”

The air in her lungs was driven out and she was left softly panting in short, shallow breaths.

“You, Moriko Olivia, are my temple. No one else can worship here.” His fingers rammed into her over and over. It was just short of violent, and just what she needed from him.

Her arms slid around his shoulders as she leaned into him, her head light. He pushed higher before settling into a fluid stroke. He fucked her slowly with his fingers, standing there against the door. She clung to him, lulled into his rhythm. Their kisses became wicked, as they moaned and gasped into each other’s lips. He sucked her tongue, draining any remnants of resistance right out of her.

David pulled back to watch Olivia. He longed to see the moment when it happened, when she handed herself over to desire completely. He watched as her eyes dimmed the way he’d seen them dim hundreds of times before.

She was getting closer to saying those words.

Her fingers dug into the back of his shoulders.

“Shit,” he muttered quietly, “look at you, you sexy…fucking…bitch.” Olivia moaned with pleasure as his fingers flexed slightly on her throat.

She gasped his name as he nodded with smug satisfaction and pulled her gently by the neck into a kiss. “I want it,” she said into his lips, unable to resist any longer.

The words had been spoken.

His fingers quickened their tempo inside of her, and he could feel her pussy begin to flutter out of control around them.

“Tell me.”

“I want you to fuck me,” she gasped.

David kissed her with unfettered abandon, before pulling his fingers from her. He lifted his hands to the top button of her blouse when she stopped him.

He kissed her cheek tenderly. “What is it, Olivia?”

“Not here. Take me somewhere. Anywhere.”

They found their “anywhere” in a suite on the 25th floor of the Danford Hotel 3 blocks from Olivia’s office.

Olivia stood at the edge of the entry way and surveyed their room as David hung their coats in the front closet. A full kitchen in dark tones was to the left. Beyond, a spacious seating area with full sized couch, love seat, and two deep, plush chairs. Further, through a narrow door, was the bedroom which faced east, and the water. She maneuvered through the furniture to the floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city, pulling pins from her hair and shaking it out, running her hands through the heavy curls. Within seconds she felt David behind her, his hands delicately gliding along her arms. The lights in the room were dim, magnifying the glow of the city beyond.

David’s hands slid up her torso and over her breasts. He pulled her back gently against his chest, and then gradually opened each button of her blouse and then pulled it off of her. Their eyes met in the reflection of the window. Like standing in front of a mirror, both watched their interaction. Olivia certainly didn’t care that she was being stripped in front of the window. It wasn’t likely anyone could see them this far up, but even if they could be seen, it didn’t bother her. To the contrary, just the thought excited her. With subtle reverence he unclasped her bra and cast it aside. She looked down at him in the reflection as he sunk to his knees behind her, pulling her silk pants effortlessly down her legs. His hands slid firmly up her thighs, over her ass to her hips, seizing her panties. With premeditated intention, David pulled them down. Her hips shuddered slightly as she stepped out of her heels. His tongue and lips were on the small of her back, his hands caressing her bare flesh.

David slipped between her legs and turned around, sitting between Olivia and the window. He urged one of her legs to his shoulder as his mouth covered her sex. She braced both hands against the window just as his fingers pressed inside of her, his tongue on her tight, round pearl.

“Damnit papi,” she whispered as his tongue massaged her clit, fingers stroking flawlessly. “God that feels so good.”

He stayed there until her pussy was drenched, until she softly pleaded for him. David scrambled to his feet, stripping off his clothes as they kissed each other desperately. He moved behind her, facing the window again. David’s eyes drank in the reflection, his cock resting against her ass. Olivia’s chest heaved with anticipation. She ached for him, her pussy throbbing. He positioned the tip of his cock against her petal-like flesh. Olivia turned towards him, her torso twisting as they kissed once more.

“How do you want it, Olivia? I need you to tell me.”

“Slow,” she breathed, “I want to feel it.”

David knew precisely what she wanted, and he gave it to her. Instinctively, she tucked one leg up between her chest and the window. He penetrated her slowly, sliding his shaft into her, savoring every inch, every breath, every sound she made, every twitch of her muscles. He kept pushing in until their bodies were locked tightly together. He closed his eyes and listened to her moan in ecstasy.

“Again,” she whispered. “Do it again.” The pleading edge in her voice filled him with content.

He did as directed, and pushed the head of his cock against her clit before penetrating her pussy for the second time. His chest met her spine as his fingers slid to her breasts, rubbing, caressing, teasing, before moving to her throat, just where she liked them. His lips were at her ear as their bodies moved together pinned against the glass, his cock stroking in and out of her cunt. He fucked her right to the edge, both too far gone to ever make their way back. They hovered there together, in the space and energy they’d both craved so desperately over the past five months. He shamelessly exploited her every nerve and desire to get her there.

“You perfect goddess,” he breathed. His words made her whimper, made her hips shift and shudder. His thrusts sharpened, his fingers contracted on her neck and all the while her ass slapped in perfect tempo against him.

“Yesss…” she moaned, “just like that, David. Oh god, fuck me just like that papi, don’t stop…”

She let her hand slide down over her sex, exploring their connection. David moaned as his legs twitched. Her finger tips played over her clit, exiting her, and in turn, him. “You fucking whore,” he growled in her ear, making her moan with excitement.  David knew he could easily throw them both over the edge and their bodies would be carried away with the tide, but…it was too soon for drowning.

In the kitchen, after sharing a much needed glass of wine, she slipped down to her knees and took the tip of his shaft between her lips as he gripped her hair in two tight fists, guiding her head in and out, fucking her in her mouth until he was dripping on her tongue, her lips, down her chin and on her breasts.

On the couch Olivia perched on his thigh, her legs crossed demurely at the knee, an arm around his shoulders. She was leaning into him, confessing in stark detail many of the unfilled desires that plagued the secret spaces of her mind during their time apart, while he listened intently and stroked his cock, just as she’d told him to…just the way she liked to watch him stroke it. Olivia knew exactly what he wanted to hear, and she didn’t hold back. Nothing was off limits including details of a recent tryst she’d had with a female lover.

In the shower, as the steam rose, blurring their sight and filling their lungs, he urged her against the cool, tiled wall and pumped his cock in her ass. Every so often the palm of her hand would slap against the tile, and hollowed echoes reverberated around them, mingled with the sounds of both of them getting off as she softly pleaded for more.

Eventually they collapsed together into bed, their bodies nearly wrung out. He gathered her in his arms and they kissed, licked, caressed, teased, stroked each other. Olivia pulled herself on top of him, her legs straddling his thighs.

“What are you doing?” he whispered.

“I want to feel you inside of me,” she kissed him mischievously, “I’m going to fuck you.”

“You are so goddamned sexy, shit.”

Her pelvis curled as she sunk down, taking his cock inside of her. David growled as she braced both hands against his chest, settling onto him. Her hips and ass lifted and dropped on him, breasts taught and bouncing. She danced on his cock, her thighs tight against him. He watched, spellbound, as she got off on him, and got him off. His thumb slid over her clit and her hips bucked wildly as obscenities tumbled from her lips.

David sat up and Olivia’s legs immediately wrapped around his waist. His hands cupped her smooth, perfect ass as they rocked together.

“I’m going to make you cum,” he said, his kiss downright dangerous. “Are you ready to cum for me mami?”

Olivia nodded breathlessly.

“Say it.”

“I’m ready,” she gasped.

“Lay on your stomach.”

Olivia lifted herself off of him slowly, before sinking to her stomach. David mounted her from behind, her legs between his.

“Play with that pussy while I stroke you, mami.”

She did as she was told, her hands sliding between the mattress and her body. Her feet kicked into the bed behind him.

“Harder daddy.”

David nodded, grabbing the headboard with one hand, increasing his leverage.

“Harder,” she pleaded again, fingers stroking her clit.

He pounded into her as her pussy exploded on his cock. David growled loudly, still driving into her. Her pussy fluttered and convulsed on his shaft. She clung to the edges of the mattress as he drove her from one orgasm to another.

Hours later when David opened his eyes, he found Olivia perched at the foot of the bed, fully dressed, shoes in hand as she stared out the window towards the city.

“Liv? What are you doing?”

“I need to get home.”

“Don’t go. Take off your clothes and come back to bed. Let’s talk.”

Olivia chuckled, “I think talking would only complicate things. At any rate, I have a long day ahead of me, and I need to get back home. I was only supposed to be gone for a few hours.”

He scurried out of bed and captured her around her waist. “What is her name?”


David nodded, nuzzling her. “Izumi can wait,” he whispered. “You still haven’t told me if-”

“My answer is no.” Olivia looked up into his eyes. “Not out of anger, or revenge, or even stubbornness. The answer is no because… if I say yes, after everything that has happened, after everything you did…I’d be destroying a part of myself. I can’t do that. Please don’t ask me to do that.”

“What can I do for you?”

She kissed his lips softly, “Never come back again.”



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