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A Taste Of Erotica

6 Jun

If you’re not familiar with the site you may have trouble locating the erotic stories.  They can be found on the page called “Pleasure Than Fiction”, but to make it easy, here are bits of a few with links to the full text. Enjoy- O.


It’s as if his lust seeped under the door, slid across the floor and entered my toes, rose past my ankles, swirled around my knees, slipped between my thighs, and penetrated me right there.  I felt myself suck in a slow, strong breath and hoped the client didn’t notice that in that instant my pussy was set on fire.

I held my breath, pulling my thighs together, willing my mind to control the ache that now resided there.  I could see David chuckle to himself.  He knew that I was coming undone.  And he loved the power. more…

The Cabin

For the second time in less than twenty four hours Andrew was awakened from a sound sleep by unfamiliar noises in the night. He lay on his back, his heart beating fast as he cleared the sleep from the corners of his mind. He had been dreaming. He’d been dreaming of Camille, one like the dreams from their high school days. His hand had managed to find his cock, stiff and warm. He blinked in the darkness, thinking of how she looked, how her skin felt, the way her dark, curly hair fell across her face, the way she moaned and gasped his name-

“Andrew!” He bolted upright. “Andrew, are you awake?”

“Uh, yeah, what’s going on?” he whispered back.

“There’s something downstairs. I can hear something down there!” more…

Dr. Daniels’ Willing Patient

As the elevator rose through the hospital an awkward silence fell between us and I felt his eyes on me.

“You headed to the cafeteria?” he asked, clearing his throat.

I shook my head, “Just wandering.”


“I’m headed to 6,” he said, “trying to get some rest while it’s quiet downstairs.”

“I thought that floor was closed for construction?”

“It is”, he said nodding, “but there are some patient rooms in the far wing that are finished.”

I peeked at him out of the corner of my eye and found his eyes still on me.  It was as if I could hear his next thought:

Come with me. more…