Verbal Hypnotist…

18 Dec

His name is David.  Yes, he is one of the League of Extraordinary Snake Charmers I’ve mentioned before.  This man *shudder* can make me cum with his words alone- and he can fuck me like no one else- unique only to him.

We met because for a time we shared an office-  just randomly rented the same space in the same building.  Imagine a random office tower in a bustling city.  Take the elevator to the 36th floor and you’d find an entire floor empty.  A space which would ordinarily hold 200 employees in cubicles and executive suites had just 2 occupants- David and me.

Our cubicles sat next to each other and like me, David would come and go on a consistent schedule, working on, well, whatever he was working on.  We exchanged greetings and small talk, but for a few weeks, that was it.

There was a witty chemistry from the beginning, as both of us worked to make the best of what otherwise could have been an awkward situation.  We were strangers who just happened to have a mutual friend in the real estate business with a bunch of empty offices.

His authentic charm and sharp tongue grabbed my attention right away.

That’s not a simple accomplishment.  This is going to come off snobbish, but people bore me pretty quickly- and it can be hard for men and women to have genuine conversation when they first meet- there is a lot of posturing and trying to impress.

There was none of that here- it flowed pretty easily and escalated pretty quickly too, probably because there was physical attraction on both sides from the beginning.  He’s six foot two, caramel complexion, short hair, and an authentic gentleman, which, I’m a sucker for.  His consideration always put me at ease.  Idle chit chat turned to long conversations over lunch and him visiting my cubicle a few times a week.  Turns out he’s a writer, which I think explained some of the natural attraction- I am perpetually in love with the Inkwell.

Before I knew it, he was charming me- whether intentional or not, it was happening.  He was intriguing, sure, but it was the little things that got my attention- and the unexpected things.  Like when he would walk me to the elevator.  At first I thought nothing of it, he’d just sort of walk along with me and we’d talk about insignificant things.  And then, one day, as I gathered my jacket and bag, he stood at my cubicle and offered me his arm.  From that day on, if ever I was in the office and left before him, he stopped what he was doing and walked me to the elevator.  What can I say- I’m a sucker.

He made sure the office freezer always had my favorite ice cream.  On days we missed each other, he’d leave a sticky note on my computer, which of course made me smile like a silly school girl.  He bought me flowers on my birthday- it was the only gift I got.  When he asked me to dinner the first time, I had to work hard to play it cool when I said yes.  The food was great- the time together was better.  All the while the magnetism grew stronger.

There are different levels of attraction between the sexes. This wasn’t “oh he’s kinda cute”, no, it was more like “I want that man all up in this pussy”- and I couldn’t really explain why.

I soon learned, much to my amazement, that he could arouse my body with words- it didn’t have to be erotic or sexual, it could be anything… he could describe the paint-drying process and I’d be squirming in my chair.  The voice, syntax, and analogies… omg his analogies.  I’d find myself thinking about him and wondering what his touch felt like, what bliss his lips could create on mine, what portrait our bodies could paint once joined.

It was distracting.  Pretty soon I would sit for hours in my cubicle, day after day, sure I could feel him thinking about me on the other side of the 4 foot partition that separated us.  Either I was conjuring things in my mind, or the sexual tension was thick enough to cut with a knife.

He was patient.  Very deliberate.  I imagine we both enjoyed the tension that can only be created before you satisfy desires.

The first time he touched me, the first time he kissed me, I knew I was in trouble, I mean in. trouble.

We transitioned naturally into a sexual relationship- a very intimate sexual relationship.  Affection was obvious on both sides.  But we had limits on where we would go emotionally, and we stuck to them.  Still…there was an undercurrent that made the sex unlike any other I’ve ever experienced.  Whatever it was we were sharing, I trusted him implicitly with my body.  I never held back sexually.  I could feel his attraction every time we were in the same space…even when we weren’t.    He wanted me as much and as often as I wanted him.  It made everything that much more intense.

We had fun, dirty, sexy, steamy, juicy  sex almost every day.  Quickies, on the floor, in the shower, on the conference room table, for hours at a time, every position two people can create…

The more we had sex, the more I noticed just how well he could captivate my body.  I became aware of a moment- an actual moment during sex when my consciousness would shift and my body became perfectly entranced by him.  It’s the work of his charm, that exact second I become his and the power I normally have over myself dissolves.  Once I hit that spot, it’s all over.  I have not a single shred of modesty and I say all the things I’d just as well die than say to anyone else.  I moan, gasp, grunt, pant, giggle, and talk, talk, talk.  I really can’t stop myself  from doing it- he takes me into that space and it’s a reaction to his cause.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


2 Responses to “Verbal Hypnotist…”

  1. Luvvie December 18, 2009 at 9:15 pm #

    So are you and David still doing the Southside Slippery slide? lol

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