At the Whim of a Snake Charmer

27 Oct

snake charmer


One who uses rhythmic music and body movements to control snakes.
There is nothing like sex with a snake charmer.  No, not the guy half way around the world playing music for venomous snakes for spare change.  I’m talking about that guy that can make you do anything in bed.
A snake charmer is a rare man- it is not a skill a man can hone and then use on any woman he is with- rather, it is an experience.
There are plenty of men out there who think they can charm a woman, but that is not the case.  In fact, most often men don’t know they have this power at all…until they tame their first snake.
If you read the blog regularly you’ve probably gotten the sense that I’m pretty liberal when it comes to sex.  I like a lot of things that other women would never dream of doing in bed- or allowing to be done to her.  Nothing outrageous, just…intense.
But I won’t do those things with just any man.  That’s just not the way I’m wired. Giving one’s body over to another person entirely requires a lot of trust and a very tight bond- unless you’re a tramp, then nothing in this post applies.
But sex with a snake charmer?  Well that’s a different story altogether.
His touch, his lips, his words, his taste…everything about him speaks to that one woman, opening her up like a lotus at midnight, coaxing her out of each petal.  It is a physically intense experience for a woman, and a mind blowing experience for a man (so I’ve been told).
I’ve had four snake charmers in my life; E, Bernard, Edward and David.  I’ve had other partners/relationships that had great sex, but nothing compared to these men.  E didn’t start out as a snake charmer, but he quickly worked his way there.  Bernard was instant and the guy who I was really ready to go there with.  Edward took a bit of time because I was young and intimidated, and David- well, we’ll get to him in another post.
The snake charmer’s words will make a woman wet between her thighs.  His touch makes a woman’s skin tingle with electricity.  His sexual technique will literally leave her begging to be fucked again.  She will do anything- especially those things she’d never normally consider- she’d say anything- especially those things she’d never normally consider saying.  In short, she’ll turn into an entirely different woman altogether and give herself over to him.  The bond between snake charmer and snake is hypnotic.I’ve literally been moved to tears during orgasm from the absolutely divine intensity that is created.  It’s instant and only gets better over time.
Men, do you know what it’s like when you’re in the heat of the moment with a woman, and you want to do something to her, or you want her to do something to you but you have to talk her into it?  You can’t just say “baby roll over and…” you have to say please, or give her a look or, add some extra words because she’s resistant.  She’s not a snake you can charm.
The snake you can charm will flip her ass over on that bed/floor/counter/table so quick it’ll make your head spin.  She becomes eager to please you, to experience you.
It is the snake charmer who can bring on what is known as “the ache”.  The ache is a feeling between a woman’s things when everything starts firing at rapid pace- from zero to sixty in 3.5 seconds.  There is no real need to “get her ready”; her body is always ready for her snake charmer.  Always.
How does a man gain this skill?  In turn, how does a woman find such a man?  That’s not exactly how it works.
In my experience, and those of the women I’ve talked to about this, there is no set way, there is not recipe or guide to follow.  It just sort of happens.  One woman’s snake charmer is another’s “ehhh, he a’ight.”  It’s not an intentional act, but rather the sum two people create when they come together physically.  What they create together is a celestial bond that goes beyond the physical; it isn’t about lust- sex is just the expression.

2 Responses to “At the Whim of a Snake Charmer”

  1. FlawedBeauty October 29, 2009 at 8:26 pm #

    see… this right here is why i heart this blog.

    i have a snake charmer and i also have that friend who tried him and was like he a’ight…

    she ain’t in the business know like i am 😉

    keep up the great post!

  2. Soul Powers November 17, 2009 at 6:41 am #

    This is a great read… And I believe I’ve had this experience with many women. No one has ever put it in these terms for me before. I think I may blog about some of those experiences.

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