Her Friends: The Therapist

9 Oct

As I’ve already discussed, a woman is likely to have women friends that fall into certain roles in her life.  Earlier I wrote about the friend known as the Hater, and the havoc she can cause in a relationship.

Another friend one must be aware of is the Therapist.

The Therapist holds much sway in the eyes of your woman.  Whenever there is a problem in your relationship, your woman is running to her Therapist- this isn’t a professionally trained or certified therapist, it’s just a friend.

If your woman has told you that she does not discuss the most intimate details of your relationship with her friends, she is lying to you.  Not every friend may know the goods, but there is always one friend in particular that is privy to everything the two of you have gone through- yes, the Therapist.  You may be oblivious, but the Therapist helps your woman examine every significant (to her) action you take in your relationship.  The Therapist knows about the fights you’ve had, that one ex-girlfriend you tapped that one night after the club, and your sex life- she knows it all.  Your girl has told her so much about your dick the Therapist could pick it out of a lineup, with a blindfold on.

If you’ve ever said anything stupid to your woman, the Therapist knows about it.

If you ever bought a lame gift- the Therapist has helped to examine its potential significance.

If your woman has ever suspected you were untruthful- she sought guidance from the Therapist.

If you’re lucky, the Therapist really is smart and chalk full of common sense.  Whenever your girl is upset by something you’ve done, the Therapist will then encourage her to think rationally and not just emotionally about what has happened and how to proceed, and the Therapist will often give you the benefit of the doubt from jump- just to be fair.  This is the kind of friend you want your woman to have.

But far too often the Therapist is an idiot that dishes advice that never helps.  Nevertheless, your woman continues to turn to her, continues to seek her advice, and even tries to get you to agree to implementing it or accepting it as truth.

This kind of Therapist friend will have your girl saying stuff like “Angela says we keep having this problem because your mother didn’t breast feed you as a baby so you haven’t been properly nurtured.  You should go to therapy.  With your mom.”

Now, none of that makes any kind of rational sense, but that wench Angela has been all up in your woman’s ear and has somehow convinced her that you going to therapy with your mother is the answer to all your relationship problems.

It is rare that you can separate your woman from her Therapist- she feels she needs that perspective or sounding board to make any real decisions in her life- including your relationship.

The Therapist may be the very reason your woman hasn’t packed your stuff and set it on the curb.

Either that or the therapist is packing for you.


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