Best Sex Ever: E in the Car

9 Oct

I’ve written a few times about E, who is one of my true friends for life, and probably the only ex to hold that title. I talk to other ex’s, but E has a special place *touches left breast* right here.

If you haven’t read it by now in any of my other posts, we had a great sex life.  When I say great I mean g.r.e.a.t. We were never not in the mood to have sex, and we had it often. E also has the distinction of participating in one of the best sexual experiences I’ve ever had.  Actually, he participated in a few, but one in particular comes to mind right now.

It was so damn good, just thinking about it makes me squirm.  *deep, cleansing breath*

I’m not alone in my opinion of this particular event.  As a matter of fact, he and I talked about it just the other day, with me tossing out a casual “hey you remember that time we had sex in the car…”

Before I could even explain which sex-in-the-car experience I’m talking about, he’s got a stupid grin on his face and he’s giving me that “you musta lost your gotdamn mind if you think I could EVA forget about that night” look in his eyes.

The story goes like this.

E’s grandmother (known as Nanna D) had a double hip replacement and was now back home under the care of family and a visiting nurse.  It was our night to sit with her, but E’s sister came through to relieve us so we could get a late dinner before settling in for the night at Nanna’s.

Before his sister had arrived, E was talking that mess men talk to entice their woman to get wet.  He was having quite a bit of fun with it too, because he knew I wasn’t having sex in Nanna’s house- wouldn’t have mattered if she were in a coma- I just wasn’t going for it.  Nevertheless, he didn’t let up.  Not only was he saying things he shouldn’t say, but he was touching, rubbing and kissing me into a dizzying state.  By the time his sister got there, I was hawt and bothered and craving a taste of my man.

We get in the car and he wastes no time putting his hand on my knee, then the inside of my thigh…then high inside my thigh, his fingers barely stroking outside my jeans.  I cut my eyes at him and gave him a few choice words, which only made him smile, his eyes glued to the road.

He had that energy going on about him though- that “yeah this pussy is mine” swagger as he wound the car through the streets.

I quickly realized we weren’t headed to the all-night Mexican spot, and asked him where we were going, which only made him smile harder.

He wouldn’t tell me.  We lived too far to take a ride back to either apartment, and I didn’t know this part of town very well, so I was at his mercy, a fact I’m certain wasn’t lost on him.

But within about 5 minutes I had the answer; we were at a park.  Not a little corner of the street park- it was at least 3 miles long because it took quite a few twists and turns in the road to get to a parking lot in the furthest corner.

I cross my arms and give him the stank look from the corner of my eye.  “How convenient that you know such a place so well,” I said, giving him a typical woman-speak statement that ultimately translates into “nicca how many bitches you brought back here?”

“Yup,” he says without missing a beat, “I’ve been bangin’ em out down here since the 3rd grade.”

“Shut up, you’re lying.”

“Of course I’m lyin’ baby,” he says, and then kisses the palm of my hand and then the inside of my wrist.

A teachable moment here for ladies and gents.  You don’t have to go triple x freaky to get a strong reaction from your lover, you just have to do something, touch something, kiss something that doesn’t often get attention.  By the time his lips got to my wrist, I was on a hair trigger.

We’re all over each other, kissing, touching, licking, nibbling- like a good girl I’ve got my hand down his boxers, beating away.

“Let’s get in the back seat,” he says.

Now, I’m not a big fan of public displays of “get your freak on”, but I won’t lie, E didn’t have to do very much convincing to get me back there.  I’m on the edge of the backseat and he’s on the floor- it’s just enough space to do exactly what we wanted.  He pulls of my jeans and panties and plants his mouth between my thighs.  I swear, I couldn’t breathe.

Not only was he good at that, but the added ingredient of sex in the car in a public place brought a dose of exhilaration I’d never experienced before- it took us to the next level.

I’m practically begging at this point, I want to feel him, so I tell him.  I’m pulling at his shirt, trying to get him to move those perfect fucking lips from me, but he won’t budge.

So I start talking mess.  I know he can’t resist when he hears me say things like “you want me to get on that dick, don’t you E?”  I was laying it on thick, and he got so frustrated he slammed his fist into the seat next to me a few times before finally pulling up.

He takes one leg over his right arm, so he has thigh, hip and ass at his fingertips, and takes the other leg and put it over his shoulder.  He didn’t slip in slow, there was no need to work up an appetite, we were both ready.  He pushed inside of me quick and hard and it was on from there.

Steamy, hot, dripping delicious sex.  We’re kissing, licking, grabbing, talking, gasping, panting.  It was the best.

And then- a car pulls in.  Then another and another.  A large group, made up of mostly guys, gets out.  We weren’t far from the university and they looked old enough and preppy enough to be students.  One pulled a cooler from his trunk and they got to drinking.

When the cars had first come into the lot, I froze, because I could see them.  Yeah they were four rows away, but the park was otherwise deserted, so it was just us- and them.

E didn’t want to stop.

I was conflicted though.  I knew the car was rocking when we were going at it, and I’m not the *ahem* quietest lover on the planet.  I won’t hurt your eardrums but my words will boost your ego like nothing else 😉  As if that weren’t enough, it was late spring, so the two front windows of the car were rolled down a bit, making it easier for them to hear us.

To convince me that we shouldn’t stop, E doesn’t say anything, he just starts hittin’ my spots all at once.  Within 30 seconds, I didn’t care who else was in the parking lot, I just wanted him to make me cum, and vice versa.  I was so turned on.

I peek over his shoulder and look at the guys across the parking lot.  They didn’t seem to notice anything at first, but that changed pretty quickly.  E was all in my ear saying the yummiest, nastiest stuff he could think of, and I’m grunting and moaning and saying all sorts of unchurch-like things.  I see on of the guys, reach over and grab his friend’s shoulder to get his attention.  The slowly turn in the direction of our car.  They didn’t move, didn’t try and take a peak, but I’m sure they could see my leg in the air and I am certain they can hear me.

I gasped something to E about our audience, and he had a field day with that.  “You like that don’t you,” he whispered, kissing me seductively, “you like that they can hear you don’t you baby?”


He was whispering things to me like “louder baby, yeah that shit sounds so good,” and it drove me to a new place of desire- and satisfaction.  All the while those two guys stared at the car while their friends partied on, completely oblivious to what was happening.

The climax we shared was one of the best erotic experiences I’ve ever had, and when he collapsed on me, panting out of breath, we took one quick look at each other and busted out laughing.  He crawled into the front seat and drove out of the parking lot while I put my clothes back on- then we headed for dinner.

I haven’t had sex in a car since, let alone a public place.  I just don’t think it could ever top that night with E.


3 Responses to “Best Sex Ever: E in the Car”

  1. FlawedBeauty October 9, 2009 at 5:38 pm #

    Hotness Ms. Olivia…

    I happen to like the car though…like anywhere…

  2. Sajib October 9, 2009 at 6:56 pm #


    But what grabbed my attention is the way you wrote it. Whenever I see someone writing very good English, I get frustrated and start thinking “I wish I could write like them”!

    Anyway, inviting you to have a look (and comment) on your blog. 🙂 That’s all about relationship.

  3. Mr.TramueL™ October 11, 2009 at 2:23 pm #

    This brings to mind the very last time I went “bumping at high speeds” … our audience just happen to be police. It was so good neither of us stopped (or tried to cover up) when that blinding light and tap on the window came

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