5 Best First Dates; True Story

9 Oct

Hat tip to Single Black Male for sparking this with his post outline The 5 Worst First Dates.  *shudder* we all have our stories.  But before I post about the horrors of dating, this got me thinking about the best 5 first dates I ever had.

In no particular order:

Baseball game.  A guy who worked in the same building as me (but not for the same company) finally got up the nerve to ask me for my number.  We’d see each other in the lobby and the elevator and often exchanged witty banter.  Not only did he ask for my number, but he actually called within a few days and asked me to a baseball game.  The weather was perfect, the hot dogs were amazingly tasty, and the conversation was diverse.  I didn’t have to get all gussied up, I just had to look cute and casual.

Sunday soul food brunch. The local soul food joint mid-Sunday morning.  Good crowd, great food, great conversation- sitting across from each other, that’s really the only option.  60 minutes + of get-to-know-each-other and grits so creamy you want to swim in them.

Picnic lunch at Jazz in the park. The initial invite was to the jazz concert in the park.  Can’t go wrong with that.  Then two days before the concert he called and asked my food and beverage likes and dislikes.  He packed the lunch in a nice bag, with all the trimmings, brought a soft blanket.  We got the park an hour before the concert started which was enough time to eat and talk a bit.

Rollerskating- It’s for the Kids! Keep in mind that I’m of the age where everyone rollerskated as a kid and a teenager.  The event was an all-adult, old school skate event for charity.  He was smart enough to ask if I knew how to skate, which I do because I gots skills like that.  The fact that it was a charity event made him more handsome in my eyes, lol.  That was a fun night.

Working lunch. This was one of the more unexpected first dates.  Guy meets girl, guy asks girl to lunch, girl says yes.  Guy goes on a business trip- unbeknown-st to girl.  We were supposed to have lunch on a Friday and he had to go out of town unexpectedly.  Thursday night he calls and tells me he’s feeling really bad for having to cancel and asks if my Friday lunch hour is still open.  “Yes”, I tell him “I’ll probably be in my office.”  The next day, 12:30 on the dot, lunch arrives via delivery, with flowers.  He calls me at my desk and we spend the next hour on each other’s speakerphones eating lunch.  At the end of the call he asked me to go to dinner with him when he got back in town.  I said yes.

Simple, uncomplicated, fun, yummy first dates.


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