Remember Why She Put the Rabbit in The Pot to Begin With…

28 Sep

I know the wonderful men who are reading this blog and are thinking about Fatal Attraction, are thinking that the reason the rabbit wound up in the boiling pot of water is because Glen Close’s character was off balance.

That’s not the right answer

The correct answer is that the rabbit met its horrible demise because a man cheated on his wife.

Making the choice to cheat never ends well.  Never.  Of course women do it allll the time, no one is excusing them at all, but in this post, guys, I’m talking to you.  You can thank one of my long time married guy friends for the stern lecture.  His trifling behavior a few weeks ago, which I had the misfortune of witnessing (and then confronting him about) has prompted this

We could debate the definition of “cheating” forever, but let’s just agree to accept that a person is cheating when they go against vows, commitments, an agreement or a promise between two people in a relationship.

The number one rule when dealing with women is not to play with their emotions, and cheating on a woman is basically declaring psychological warfare on her mind and will set her off in a direction you don’t want her to go, not to mention it causes her undo pain and stress all so you could have a side piece.

It’s not worth it.

There are plenty of men out there who think there’s nothing wrong with cheating as long as he goes home at night.  That’s a rationalization that’s well, not very rational.  It’s also a double standard.  Short of an open relationship, if your woman was screwing your best friend the milkman while you were at work everyday and telling herself it didn’t matter because she was all cleaned up by the time you smash get home, you’d choke her out.

Many justify cheating on what they “aren’t” getting from their s/o sexually.  Again, not a reason.  If there are problems in the relationship you’re allegedly committed to, then work those out in the relationship. If for some reason it can’t be worked out to your satisfaction, you should re-evaluate whether you want to be with that person at all.

One thing is for sure, your “needs” are not more important than her emotional and mental well being so put your dick back in your pants, grab the milk from the store and go home nicca.


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