Olivia Courting’s Guide to Better Sex: More Sex

28 Sep

Sex is different for everybody.  Some people are having great sex, some are having “meh, it’s a’ight” sex, and some are going completely unfulfilled and left horny and frustrated which we all know is no good.

In my quest to improve sex for all, I give you tip 1 from my guide to better sex.  Have. more. sex.

With one person.

I know there are guys that enjoy adding those notches to the old bed post, but more partners doesn’t automatically equate to better sex.

A key to better sex is having more sex with the same person.  The more you have sex with a woman, the more you are affording her time to get really comfortable with you, to let her guard down, to explore and be explored, and usually, hopefully, sex gets better.

I’m a firm believer that if you want to have great, mind blowing body shattering sex with your lover you really have to work at it.  This means having sex on a regular basis and communicating to each other in the moment what is working and what should be adjusted.

Always start out with your lover’s body- and they will start with yours.

Crucial step number 1- take a shower.  If one is going to go exploring they don’t want to come across any unfortunate odors or some such something or other which would turn them off.  So scrub up!  Ladies, have a quick shave.  Men, do not put on cologne, deodorant is enough.  Cologne can be over powering to the senses, including the tongue- blehk!

Personalize the sex.  That means, learn your partner and then do what they like- simple as that.  Get in tune with her flesh.  Feel her reactions to your touch, your words.  Don’t do what you think all women like- that’s a fail.  Every body is different, every woman is different.  Play with her body, take it over, seek out her pleasure.

You will reap the benefits, young grasshopper.


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