From “ohhh mami” to “MY mommy!”- – Sex After Kids

28 Sep

Yesterday I touched on some of the sexual baggage women [and men] struggle with which impact relationships.

I left “kids” off of the list because they deserve their very own post.  I know you fathers know what I’m talking about.  You probably had a great sex life before those little bastards came along and screwed it all up you were blessed with children, and now you’re wondering if you’re ever gonna get your wife to grab her ankles have sex with you again.

I know you don’t want to hear it, but childbirth and motherhood have changed your boo, and yes, altered the sex drastically.  If your woman is breast feeding, you’re in it bad, because she not going to let you suck on her titties breasts for at least a year.

Everything that a woman has ever associated as being sexual now has a new connotation; life-giving.  The vajayjay is not the vajayjay anymore, it’s the “birth canal”.  Titties are not titties anymore, they’re simply vessels of nutrition for your offspring.  She isn’t going to share her body with you anymore, now she has to share it with the children!

After children, womens’ hormones change, their bodies are forever changed, and they’re tired all the time.  Sex with your greedy ass Making love is the last thing she’s thinking about.

Some women even develop a psychological block about sex; they think it detracts from motherhood, or makes them dirty in some way.

Ideally, you want to talk about this before you have children because after you have children you’re going to have to remind your woman about that conversation, where she said “baby, if I ever stop wanting to have sex because of the kids, do something, okay?”

First of all, women need to remember that before anything else- this is important- before anything else, even before motherhood- we are women.  Before we are your wife, we are women.  Before we are [insert professional title] we are women.  Women have needs too, yes, that includes sex.  A woman who says she doesn’t need it is either a nun, healing from a trauma or requires reminding that she does need it, she wants it.

Sometimes she needs the help of a doctor, as sex drive is tied to hormones and energy.  To reclaim her sex life as a mom, she has to reclaim her life as a woman; go out with friends, get her hair done, don’t wear sweats 24 hours a day.

You also have to step up your game.  She’s genuinely tired, so, you need to take on more of her duties, whatever they may be.

When women have kids, they often forget that she should always put self first, marriage second and children third.  A lot of women think I’m crazy for that, but I’m not.  I”m not saying abandon the baby with a fever to go have sex, no, of course not.  But “my children are my whole world” thinking is not where it’s at.

It may take some time but with honest, compassionate conversation and patience, you’ll have your freak a leak sex partner back in no time.


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