A Shiny New Toy

27 Sep

Sex toys can be a touchy topic for some couples.  Some men like the fact that women use toys, some men don’t care one way or the other, and some men don’t like them- that whole “my d*ck should be enough” thing.

Some women love their toys, and some women never use one.

Using toys during sex is another thing entirely, again, some men and women like it, some don’t and for some it’s a contentious idea.

I think toys are great, lol.  I am also one of those people who think women don’t masturbate enough, and that masturbation can lead a woman to a better sex life and toys are a part of that.

For men, using a toy on a woman can be an exciting and stimulating experience, and I’ve been asked by some how they can introduce toys to the equation.

I give you the Silver Bullet, by Babeland.

This little compact vibrator is all of about 4 inches long and an inch wide an oh my gawd, it packs quite a bit of pleasure.  I’ve picked this toy to suggest mainly because it’s not a dildo.  Dildos can be intimidating for women and men, so this is the way to go.  Fyi, it works best with fresh batteries.

The Silver Bullet is small enough to go, ahem, anywhere in a woman, but it’s an awesome cl*t stimulator.  She can use it on herself, or gents, you can use it on her.  Either way, this little bit of sin will make a woman go crazy.

I have at least 5 women friends who have one, and all agree that the Silver Bullet will make a woman have an orgasm every. time. it’s. used.  Every time.

The other thing it’s grrreat for is building a woman up to climax so that intercourse is more intense and um, hehe, frenzied, if you know what I mean.  If you want to see your woman turn into a sex kitten use the Silver Bullet on her until she almost climaxes and then watch her reaction.  She will either beg you (literally, beg) to f*ck her or she’ll pin you down, climb on top of you and handle her business- either way, you win.

You’re welcome.


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