Can’t Deny It…Won’t Admit It

26 Sep

Just about every woman has something that she loves doing in bed- or loves being done to her in bed, that she doesn’t necessarily like to admit.

Most women can be shy about sex because we don’t want to be seen as a ho.  It’s one thing to be a freakesse, but a ho?  No.  Further, these things that we like, we won’t do with just any guy and require being drunk a level of trust that develops over time.  Notice I didn’t say we have to be in love with you, no, but we do have to trust you.

Once a woman reaches that level of trust, gentlemen, be ready for an awesome sexual experience as your woman, or the woman your having sex with (there’s a difference) turns into a sexual being with zero inhibition.  She’s no longer thinking with her brain, she’s just feeling with her body.  She’ll start doing things, and telling you to do things that you had noooo idea she’d ever given a thought to- but now she’s doing it with/to you.  Yes, there is a gawd.

Here are a few of the things (in no specific order) I can’t deny that I like, hehe, but that doesn’t mean I’ll admit it, either:

The Pleasure of Control Ladies have you ever noticed what happens to your body when you stop acting passive in bed and take a bit of control.  I don’t mean bring whips and chains to bed, I mean, just making the conscious effort to please your man.  This is something that I absolutely love, and it arouses me like nothing else.  It usually starts when he least expects it- like when he’s in the shower.  I’ll slip in, and without talking, wash him up and rinse him down.  When that’s done, I’ll walk him out of the shower, and start kissing his body, and saying things to, ahem, instigate a physical reaction- it never fails.  My lover can be dead dog tired after a stressful day at work, but he knows that what is about to go down requires no effort on his part.  Getting a hard dick takes no effort, so ladies, when you’re really ready to take control of the situation, commit to it.  I focus all of my attention from that point on into making sure he is experiencing absolute pleasure, and yes, that includes a blow job.  Hearing, watching, feeling his reaction- completely erotic.  By the time he actually penetrates me I’ve probably already had an orgasm and am just waiting for another.  Whew!

The Pleasure of Submission Here is where we begin to draw a fine line.  I don’t know what goes through your head when you hear the word “submission”, but for me, it’s a very narrow experience.  I’m not going to wear a dog collar and let you walk me around on a leash, and I’m not down for getting whipped or anything like that.  However, ahem…I do like it when my man is…in control.  Men, I’m sure you’ve had the experience where, a woman gets overcome by the sensations rushing through her body, and not knowing what else to do, she pushes you back.  Hate that, don’t you?  Me too.  And I’m just the opposite.  In fact, I’ve told my lover that if I do that, he needs to know it’s a knee jerk reaction and he needs to…keep doing the damn thing.  I absolutely know that “no means no”, but sometimes no really means “fuck me until I’m screaming”.  A woman needs a man she can trust to push her to that point, and yes, she has to submit her body to him in order to get there.  This is especially true for women who think they “can’t” have multiple orgasms.  Trust me honey, you can…ohhh you can.

I like It Rough There’s a difference between liking rough sex and liking mean sex.  I don’t need my lover to be mean to my body, I get no pleasure out of that at all, but I have broader tastes than just warm and cuddly love making.  I like lots of different positions, I like a few good, firm ass slaps, and sometimes I like it when he grabs my wrists.  In the last year I’ve discovered that I like something I never even thought of- when he puts his hand on my throat.

Clarification; I’m talking one hand, not two.  I do not, for any reason, like to be choked or have my breathing restricted in any way.  The first time my lover put his hand on my throat, my heart skipped about ten beats, and that bastard (said with love and affection) just started saying the darnedest things to me, starting with “I’m not going to hurt you, I promise”.  He flexed his fingers a few times, but he never actually squeezed by throat.  The experience was absolutely exhilarating.  Like all things, it’s not something I would trust just anyone to do to me.

Call Me a Sinner I like anal sex.  I’ve only ever trusted 2 lovers to do it to me, but yes, I like it.  I like it because, when done right, it feels damn good.  I also enjoy it because my lover enjoys it.  It’s not something that we do all the time, but when we want to wear each other out, anal sex is probably on the menu at some point that night, and I’m just fine with that.  There are a lot of women who say this is something they will never do.  Yeah, I was one of those women too.  It took three years of fantastic sex with a former boyfriend to get me there- in a night of frenzied, sweaty, yummy sex he whispered the request in my ear and um, yeah.  We’d done everything else there was to do, so…  But it is something that takes time ky and an open mind.  If your one of those women who is always saying “I won’t do that” then I feel sorry for your man then, hey, maybe not.


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